A showcase of the video work

we've done since 2009

Corruption of Virtue - visual art piece

Gabriella's first birthday party

Unofficial music video for Darkc3ll's Exorcist - Tim Skold God of Lies remix

Lurk - short horror film

Made for a competition where all films had to be shot in one continuous take

A Vicious Circle - short film

Winner of 3 Australian Screen Industry Network awards - best short film, best actress and most valued crew member

Chelsea's first birthday party

Bootleg Flyers band showreel

Haak Austin - Nervous Wreck music video

Kings of the Sun - Switchblade Knife music video

Kings of the Sun - live at the Tempo Hotel

(full show)

Clifford Hoad - Geronimo song promo

Clifford Hoad - Hearts Ablaze song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Til Ya Die song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Town song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Pile song promo

DJI Phantom drone slow motion demo

Sarenda band showreel

Darkc3ll - Hollywood Scars music video

Darkc3ll - Death of Rock n' Roll music video

Darkc3ll - Exorcist music video

Darkc3ll - Hate Anthem music video

Misdirection - live at the Globe (full show)

Jon Antonacci musician showreel

Misdirection - I've Got It Bad music video

Jamroc Jerk Chicken commercial

Fire - short film

Charlie & Boots red carpet premiere

Filmed for Hot Tomato radio station

Dan Jensen director showreel

A little outdated now... one of these days I must do an updated one!

Stonehenge Massage tutorial video

First birthday party with a Star Wars theme

The Dustflowers - Tuesday music video

T For Trubbs - Naked Heart music video

The Dustflowers - Free Divin' music video

Cassie Timms - Chasing Summer music video

Achieved 20,000 views in its first week of being released on Facebook.

Eternal Torment - Depose music video

My first collaboration with award-winning cinematographer Justin Hartwell

All Apartment Living & Lifestyle promo

Buffy Prescott - Know The Score music video

Buffy Prescott - Better music video

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Video production company, Gold Coast, Australia


Specializing in music videos, short films and occasional videos, Darklight Studios is primarily Dan Jensen and Trudy Martin. Winners of three 2014 Australian Screen Industry Awards, Dan & Trudy are currently preparing their first feature film.

Dan also runs a movie review channel on YouTube - click here!