A showcase of the video work

we've done since 2009

Corruption of Virtue - visual art piece

Gabriella's first birthday party

Unofficial music video for Darkc3ll's Exorcist - Tim Skold God of Lies remix

Lurk - short horror film

Made for a competition where all films had to be shot in one continuous take

A Vicious Circle - short film

Winner of 3 Australian Screen Industry Network awards - best short film, best actress and most valued crew member

Chelsea's first birthday party

Bootleg Flyers band showreel

Haak Austin - Nervous Wreck music video

Kings of the Sun - Switchblade Knife music video

Kings of the Sun - live at the Tempo Hotel

(full show)

Clifford Hoad - Geronimo song promo

Clifford Hoad - Hearts Ablaze song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Til Ya Die song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Town song promo

Clifford Hoad - Rock Pile song promo

DJI Phantom drone slow motion demo

Sarenda band showreel

Darkc3ll - Hollywood Scars music video

Darkc3ll - Death of Rock n' Roll music video

Darkc3ll - Exorcist music video

Darkc3ll - Hate Anthem music video

Misdirection - live at the Globe (full show)

Jon Antonacci musician showreel

Misdirection - I've Got It Bad music video

Jamroc Jerk Chicken commercial

Fire - short film

Charlie & Boots red carpet premiere

Filmed for Hot Tomato radio station

Dan Jensen director showreel

A little outdated now... one of these days I must do an updated one!

Stonehenge Massage tutorial video

First birthday party with a Star Wars theme

The Dustflowers - Tuesday music video

T For Trubbs - Naked Heart music video

The Dustflowers - Free Divin' music video

Cassie Timms - Chasing Summer music video

Achieved 20,000 views in its first week of being released on Facebook.

Eternal Torment - Depose music video

My first collaboration with award-winning cinematographer Justin Hartwell

All Apartment Living & Lifestyle promo

Buffy Prescott - Know The Score music video

Buffy Prescott - Better music video